Action Sports Are Plentiful in Edinburgh

Living in or visiting Scotland is supposed to be fun. Action sports in Edinburgh are readily available, providing adrenaline in the simplest form. From skydiving in Edinburgh to watching some of the top events that take place, the city has much to offer.

A Long Awaited Skatepark

Skate parks in Edinburgh are hard to find. It is for this reason that it took so long for the city to approve and build a skate park for those who have been doing stunts wherever they could. Saughton Skatepark offers a sizable property where those with skateboards and dirt bikes can use the provided ramps, walls and other obstacles to hone their sport more effectively. Hopefully, the success of Saughton Skatepark will encourage more skate parks in Edinburgh. (

Sky Diving in Edinburgh

Just the mention of action sports in Edinburgh leads many to thinking about jumping out of an airplane. Skydiving in Edinburgh has been growing in popularity. There are places where a person can learn about the jump and go tandem with an instructor the first few times. After learning the basics and meeting the requirements,  enthusiast will eventually be able to go solo skydiving in Edinburgh.  (

Edinburgh BMX Biking

BMX bikes have been a fascination for many for a number of years. Anyone looking for action sports in Edinburgh either owns a BMX bike or knows where the local competitions and training facilities are. There are competitions on a regular basis and the locals look forward to when Masters of Dirt make an appearance in Edinburgh. This is an event that travels around the United Kingdom, offering a full show of what’s possible on a BMX bike, including making impossible leaps and twirling upside down. Those looking to practice their skills and meet like minded riders should check out Saughton Skate Park’s BMX scene.  (

The Edinburgh Marathon

What’s more action packed than running 13.1 miles in one shot? This is one of the most popular marathons in the United Kingdom. It’s rated flat and fast because there are not a lot of hills and turns. This makes it one of the best marathons for beginners. There are no qualification rounds or lotteries to become a participant. Those who sign up first are able to compete. It’s a highly publicised event in the city and many from all over the UK and the rest of the world come to participate and watch. (

Paint Ball in Edinburgh

Playing with guns has never been as much fun as it is with paint ball. There are several obstacle courses and facilities around the city that offer paint ball. Guns can be rented and ammo can be purchased from some of the centres or one can choose to bring all of their own gear. Indoor and outdoor arenas are available depending on the time of year and what a person is looking for. There are many groups that use the facilities on a regular basis and joining a group can be advantageous for the competitive side of one’s nature. (